supernatural, weird question, wtf?

yep. i've been watching the first episode from the 4th season of supernatural "Lazarus Rising", and how you been noticed, appears a girl called gaby or kristy (sammy doesn't remember her name), who was in some hotel with sam, and after that dean and bobby (the pizza guys) entered in the room (of the hotel) and hugged sam, sam ask her to leave, and she leaves saying: so, you call me?

right? so, my question is: Sammy already did know that she was ruby? and they both lied to dean? or, sammy didn't know that she was ruby? sooo we can guess, SAMMY HAS ALREADY SLEPT WITH RUBY??!?!?!?! ha ha
how the heck does kristy to turns into ruby?

somebody can explain me?, because, i've been watching, and watching, and watching the episode and i can't understand yet :( i hope that somebody can explain me, i don't want to sounds like a silly girl, i just... don't understand.

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